Specialising in Pensions, Investment Management and 

Lifestyle and Cashflow Financial Planning






We can analyse your current pensions and work out if you are paying too much in charges, not getting the best returns or could do better with an alternative plan or investment strategy.


Once your investment objectives have been identified, we carefully devise a portfolio and strategy to suit your goals and risk tolerance, and we then help you implement the portfolio in a tax-efficient manner.  


We work with you to establish what's really important to you, what financial and life priorities you have, and what type of life you want when you retire.  We then work out the best possible way for you to achieve those goals whilst at the same time aiming to minimise the risks you need to take along the way.


When you are nearing retirement we help you understand the options available to you, including Flexi-Access Drawdown and annuities, to find the right solutions for your particular requirements.

We use cashflow modelling to help build a plan that is right for you.


Whilst we prepare your bespoke financial strategy with flexibility in mind, we've found that your lifestyle goals or circumstances can and often will change.   That's why all of our clients are offered the opportunity to meet with us regularly to review their financial plan, so that we can adjust the plan to take into account any new priorities or circumstances.  That way we can try to minimise worries you might have about not having enough money in the future.

We can also advise you on inheritance tax planning, income tax and capital gains tax planning, help you ensure that you have a current Will and help you establish Lasting Powers of Attorney if you need them.


This is a specialist area and whilst qualified to give this advice, we bring in a Caliber mortgage specialist for this aspect of your financial planning.


We all worry about our children's future and hope that they learn some of life's valuable lessons earlier than we did.  When your children need help or want to know more about their finances we offer to meet with them, at our offices, to answer any questions that they have and to help them understand the importance of a sound financial planning strategy.   

Whilst you are our client and they remain under 25 years of age, there is no charge for this service.


We provide both corporate consultancy (such as auto-enrolment advice and pension scheme management), as well as executive financial counselling for the business owners. 


In particular we specialise in helping SME owners align their business plans with their personal lifestyle goals.



We believe that the very best advice is independent advice, where your adviser is not tied to a particular bank, insurance or investment company.    As a registered independent financial adviser Caliber can review the whole market and find the best solution for your specific needs.


We believe that clients should know that the advice they receive is truly unbiased and not driven by some commercial incentive, such as a commission.   That's why Caliber has always charged fees for our services, so that you know that the advice being given is truly in your best interest.


We believe that trust is essential to an adviser-client relationship.  It is only when we are your trusted adviser that we can really begin to understand what is important to you, so that the plan we develop for you reflects your true wishes.  An aspect that helps build that trust is the demonstrable expertise of your adviser.  Caliber's founding director, Paul Herbert, is a Chartered Wealth Manager, Chartered Member of the Institute for Securities & Investments (Chartered MCSI) and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).


In an environment when interest rates are low, we believe that it is imperative that your pensions and investments do not pay more than they should in charges.   We consider costs carefully when constructing your financial plan and minimise them wherever it is prudent to so.


We want you to succeed and achieve your dreams.   We provide you with the advice you need when we really get to know you, your circumstances, hopes for the future and what is really important to you about your life and your future.  That's why each of our financial plans are bespoke and tailored to you.  It's also why we invite you to review your plan with us on a regular basis, so that we can ensure it continues to remain  appropriate for your changing needs.



A small change in your finances generally only has a small impact on your lifestyle today.   However, like a stone dropped into a mill pond, the ripples from a change today can have a much more profound impact on your wider finances and lifestyle over the longer term.

Caliber use sophisticated modelling software and detailed planning to help you to understand the future impact of changes you make today, so that you retain control and can make informed and sensible decisions about where you want to be in the future.




Paul Herbert

Chartered Wealth Manager

Caliber Wealth Management Ltd

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Caliber Wealth Management has been part of the Caliber family since 2006.  The group consists of a number of boutique advisory businesses, each with particular expertise and clients.  

The Caliber group operates as a cooperative for core functions,  such as compliance and investment research, from our central Leighton Buzzard offices.   We provide advice to clients predominantly in the northern home counties and London, but have clients from all corners of the United Kingdom.